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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

November 25, 2003

Haven't been ignoring everyone. Just busy, that's all. Here are a few items that might be of interest.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 26th, Bill Federer, the creator of "The American Minute," will be my guest. Always an interesting conversation with Bill. Hope you'll tune in. Bill will also be my guest on December 3rd, when he'll discuss "There really is a Santa Claus: The history of St. Nicholas and Christmas Holiday Traditions."

On December 4th, Alan Korwin, co-author of, "Supreme Court Gun Cases" will be my guest. This is a very thick and comprehensive book on all major gun cases that have been ruled on by the highest court in the land. Ought to be a very interesting show.

Then, on Friday, December 5th, we're going to have a kick-off show for the following week's special on judicial corruption. There will be a variety of guests. I'll keep you posted as the shows get scheduled.

Hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving!

Ron Newman

Monday, November 10, 2003

November 10, 2003

Good morning. Thanks for stopping by.

First of all, I have to tell about the great weekend I had. On Saturday, the Aurora Sportsmen's Club (which is located in Sugar Grove, Illinois, just west of Aurora) held their 19th annual Veterans Day Shoot on Saturday, November 8th. And, it gets better every year. They had about 20 pieces of various WWII and Korean War military equipment, including tanks, half tracks, jeeps, ambulances, etc. Aside from the military display, veterans are invited out to shoot various firearms that the club owns, including AR-15s, M-1 Garands, .45s, 9mm, and several other types. The ammunition is provided at no charge to vets, and at noon, the club served-up a terrific lunch (which was actually more of a full dinner) of roast pork, dressing, corn, applesauce, coffee, etc. As always, the guys in the kitchen did a tremendous job of preparing and serving the meal. I'm told they started cooking at about 3am Saturday morning.

On Friday, the President of the club, Ron Wilson, and another gentleman by the name of Vince Volpe, came out to the radio station to talk about the 'shoot' and invite veterans out on Saturday. It was a tremendous success. The club served 255 meals, up from 177 meals last year. Nice going to everyone at the Aurora Sportsmens Club!

As a Viet Nam veteran, myself, I really appreciate the efforts of the Aurora Sportsmens Club for showing their respect and concern for all of us. Too often we're forgotten. Keep up the good work! And, "Thanks" again!

Here's the schedule for this week's People To People:

Monday, Nov. 10: Alberto Altamore, from the Illinois Coalition Against Unfair Utilities, will talk about natural gas and electricity prices, SBC, and Commonwealth Edison's desire to purchase downstate Illinois Power. Alberto has appeared on the show before and has been a very popular guest.

Tuesday, Nov 11: Lynn Blystoner will join me on the air to talk about finding energy where we need it: In our own country!

Wednesday, Nov 12: Paula Dorian-Gray will join me in the studio to discuss long-term investing and will address some investment pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Thursday, Nov 13: Cecilia Soto, from the City of Aurora (IL) Customer Service Department will join me in-studio to talk about the relatively new department and how they stand by to serve the residents of the city.

Friday, Nov 14: In this rare Friday edition of People To People, I'll be joined, by telephone, by Tom Schatz, who is with Citizens Against Goverment Waste to talk about drug re-importation and other items of concern.

Hope you have a great week. Don't forget to call into the show if you'd like. The on-air number is: 630-585-1280. The show airs from 8:15 to 9am, Central Time. Open line conversation gets underway most days at 9:15 and goes until 10am.

Hope to hear from you!

Ron Newman

Monday, November 03, 2003

Had to tell you about this week's guest line-up. What a week it's going to be, too!

Monday (Nov 3): State Senator Chris Lauzen, of Aurora. Chris comes into the studio every month without fail to take calls from the listeners. He's always forthright and direct with people in answering their questions, and doesn't beat around the bush.

Tuesday (Nov 4): Author and columnist, William Grigg, from the John Birch Society, will be on the air with me by telephone to talk about the "assualt on the Middle Class." This ought to prove to be a very interesting and provocative interview.

Wednesday (Nov 5): Jim DiPeso, policy director at R.E.P. America (Republicans for Evironmental Protection) will dicuss the National Energy Bill.

Thursday (Nov 6): Michael Moyer, with Popular Science Magazine will join us for something a little different, and hopefully, more fun. He's going to tell us about, "The Best of What's New." New gadgets, new technology, etc.

Hope you'll be able to tune-in. You can find us on the web at

Ron Newman